Speak Like A Girl
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  • "Blown away by their humor, their freshness, and their smarts. By the end of their performance, they had every last person laughing and clapping."
    -Brooklyn Magazine

  • "Although dealing with rather heavy subject matter, Falley and Gatwood are incredibly adept at incorporating humor into their show."
    -Washington University in St. Louis

  • "Olivia and Megan speak and perform directly to the hearts of everyone there -- and of course with special relevance to the endangered young women of the earth. I was nervous to follow them! But realized what we do is complementary, and we're also virtually in a family of artists together! They are profound, delightful."
    -Pulitzer Prize winning poet Sharon Olds

Speak Like A Girl

  • SPEAK LIKE A GIRL is an hour-short, interactive, feminist show that uses spoken word as a tool to educate students about gender inequality. Through humorous and passionate performances, Megan Falley & Olivia Gatwood shed light on issues such as street harassment, body image, rape culture and the perils of the patriarchy. Audiences leaving a SPEAK LIKE A GIRL show feel rallied for change and most importantly, feel that their experiences as women and men experiencing misogyny are validated in a world that so often ignores their stories.

Through poetry, performance, and dialogue, SPEAK LIKE A GIRL shatters shame around sexual assault, body image issues, and abusive relationships with unparalleled candor. The show challenges audiences to consider the nuances of rape culture by unearthing patriarchal reinforcements of it in our every day lives -- from video games to cartoons, from pop culture to marriage proposals. SPEAK LIKE A GIRL aims to make those who have been affected by gendered violence feel seen, heard, and validated, and for those who have not experienced sexism to feel enraged and hell-bent on reform. The ideas sparked from this one hour entertaining lecture have the ability to change the conversation on college campuses, making them a safer space. 

Megan Falley is a queer femme author of two full-length collections of poetry on Write Bloody Publishing. She has toured nationwide with her books After the Witch Hunt (2012) and Redhead and the Slaughter King (2014).

Olivia Gatwood is a poet, fiction writer, and sex & relationships columnist at Bustle.com and HelloFlo. She is a National Poetry Slam finalist and has been featured on HBO and TV One's Verses & Flow

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