Shaifali Puri
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  • "Shaifali was WONDERFUL with the students...We all need a good dose of reality from time to time to remind us that the world doesn't begin and/or end here in our tiny little corner of the sincere gratitude."
    -Spokane Community College

  • "Poise, power and incredible insight are the three things I would call out from our time with Shaifali. In a keynote role, she captured the imagination of our 150 guests. Her story is one of innovation that challenges the orthodoxies of grant-making and of science itself. Raising tough questions and then providing elegant answers from her own experiences from Scientists Without Borders, we would be more than pleased to have her engage with us again soon, and strongly recommend that others invite her in to shake things up."
    -University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

  • "Shaifali is remarkable at putting people together to solve problems."
    -John Damonti, President of the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Shaifali Puri

Shaifali Puri is the former Executive Director of Global Innovation at NIKE Foundation, where she helped drive innovation across all aspects of the Foundation's work. Before that, as the Executive Director of Scientists Without Borders, Shaifali raised millions of dollars to support open-source innovation in the sciences with partners that range from Johnson & Johnson to Pepsico. At NIKE, Shaifali continued her quest to address some of the world's most pressing challenges—ranging from health to innovation, from poverty to gender equality, and beyond.

The Atlanta native, whose parents are both high-achieving Indian immigrants, has spent years working to solve the biggest health problems plaguing developing nations and is now engaged in high-level, innovative global initiatives with one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Shaifali Puri is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Arthur Carter Institute at NYU.

Shaifali's tenure at Scientists Without Borders consisted of arranging global partnerships that aimed to improve the quality of life in the developing world by linking, mobilizing and coordinating science-based activities, initiatives and resources. Shaifali was recruited to reinvent the failing social networking site for scientists that was originally conceived by the United Nations Millennium Project and the New York Academy of Sciences. She raised millions of dollars from major corporate donors to create a platform that offered prize money to scientists who found the best solutions to specific health problems.

Shaifali also worked closely with the Governor of New York, other elected officials, and multiple non-governmental stakeholders to design and execute strategic economic development projects, policies, and public/private partnerships.

Her writing has been featured in various publications including Fortune, the New York Times, World Policy Journal, Slate and many more.

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