Scott Beale
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  • "Your keynote served as the perfect tool to motivate our students for the conference and beyond. I have witnessed many keynote speeches, and yours was by far one of the most inspirational for our students."
    -Katie McLaughlin, Associate Director, Congressional Youth Leadership Council

  • "Scott Beale is a talented orator. He did an exceptional job connecting with a racially diverse high school and college audience. His workshop, Ten Steps To Changing the World, was energetic, inspiring, and educational. You must invite Scott to your next conference."
    -Forrest Parker, Founder and Director of the National Multi-Ethnic Perspectives Conference

  • "Your passion for service and living an authentic life resonated with so many of our students. 'Making A Difference While Making A Living,' set the tone and motivated our students to begin making a strategic plan for career success. Thank you for sharing your passion, expertise and knowledge with us; you are a dynamic and engaging speaker.  We are truly grateful that we had you to serve as a resource for our community."
    -Loyola University

Scott Beale

When Scott Beale decided to start a nonprofit in 2006, he wasn't living the life of your typical former White House and State Department employee. Sleeping on friends' couches, fundraising door-to-door, chasing potential donors in Washington, his lifestyle resembled an activist from the 70s more than a Georgetown graduate who had worked on four continents and reported directly to the President of the United States. But again, Scott isn't your average D.C. political pawn. Following the best career advice he has said to receive, he decided to "take risks and lead an interesting life." And it paid off.

What started as five staffers splitting $120,000 a year, working out of their apartments and taking $25 each-way buses to New York is now Atlas Corps, a $2 million dollar nonprofit that has changed the lives of over 500 global change makers from over 70 countries through its Fellows and Community Leaders programs. Sometimes called a "reverse Peace Corps," Atlas Corps brings young leaders from around the world to cities in the U.S. for 12-18 months of service, education and development. Fellows return to their country of origin as global citizens, with leadership, cross-cultural understanding and technical skills that position them for further professional opportunities that support comprehensive approaches to poverty reduction. Atlas Corps receives over 1,000 applicants a month and has less than a 2% acceptance rate.

Funded by and partnered with some of the best organizations in the world, including Ashoka, Susan G. Komen, UN Foundation, Special Olympics and the U.S. Peace Corps, Atlas Corps also works directly with the U.S. Department of State, as part of President Obama's Stand with Civil Society Agenda, to bring 100 of the world's up and coming social change makers to the U.S. on leadership development fellowships. This is the first time the President has promoted a non-U.S. government program to all embassies and consulates abroad.

Prior to launching Atlas Corps, Scott worked on the state, national and international level. Scott worked in Bosnia as the youngest Core Supervisor from any country for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), an intergovernmental organization responsible for supervising elections in Bosnia. In 2004, Scott served overseas to coordinate the U.S. Government's efforts to fight human trafficking in India. Scott helped coordinate $9 million dollars of U.S. government resources to nonprofit and international organizations in India who were fighting modern day slavery.

A natural-born leader and life enthusiast, Scott is a D.C. superstar on a mission to better the world—with no political or personal agenda in mind. As Scott says, "I am just like a business entrepreneur, but instead of making a big paycheck I try to make a big impact."

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