Lee Zlotoff
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  • "Growing up, my favorite TV show was MacGyver. He exhibited the perfect blend of creativity, optimism, and street smarts. So I was excited to have Lee Zlotoff, creator of MacGyver, speak at one of our Zappos all hands meetings and share The MacGyver Method. It's a simple hands-on technique for solving problems that require creativity and inspiration!"
    -Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

  • "The period that the subconscious can process a problem without conscious interference is called the 'the incubation period,' and knowing how to utilize it properly is core to Zlotoff's MacGyver Method..."
    -Steven Kotler, NY Times Best-Selling Author

  • "Lee is a natural born storyteller. To watch him transform the iconic television show into a practical roadmap for confronting personal, professional and planetary challenges is as empowering as it is entertaining."
    -Jim Kwik, CEO Kwik Learning, Founder SuperheroYou Conference

  • "Lee's visit sparked a lively discussion in my class about the different ways that people approach creative problem solving. His ideas ultimately led my students to contemplate the possible benefits of from this new - and potentially far less stressful - way of making consistent progress on initially daunting creative projects."
    -Beth Altringer, Harvard Professor

Lee Zlotoff

Lee David Zlotoff is an award-winning writer, producer, and director of film and television with well over a hundred production credits to his name. Most notably among them, Lee was the writer and creator of the iconic and international hit TV series, MacGyver, which has since joined the dictionary and become a global meme for resourcefulness and ingenuity. 

In keeping with the spirit of effective problem solving, most recently Lee has gone public with The MacGyver Method: Breakthroughs On Demand, a unique creative process that allows anyone to tap into the vast resources of their subconscious to develop creative solutions to virtually any problem. Lee has advised several organizations and companies, including Harvard University and Zappos, teaching their teams how to implement this method and optimize innovation.

An entrepreneur and branding expert at heart, Lee is currently working on a MacGyver big-budget feature film, a MacGyver musical and an interactive, immersive experience known as MacGyver's Maze, which challenges players to test their wits through a series of "action movie" themed rooms. In 2014, Lee also released the hugely popular mobile game MacGyver: Deadly Descent.

Lee is also working closely with UCLA on the development of a new tech venture, StoryMyn, which will allow for children with chronic illnesses to use technology to create a story with varying characters, settings, and reading levels, in which the child is the main character. Children, parents and health care providers will be able to enter information about the child's age, medical diagnosis, and more, and create an interactive piece of fiction that will ensure therapeutic value.  

Lee began applying the steps of The MacGyver Method long before he ever coined the term. He was working in a demanding and high-stress environment in which he was responsible for constant deliverables. Lee found that his best ideas came when he was outside of the office because the conscious mind is not the best part of the brain with which to solve problems, but that such work was ideally suited to the subconscious. Knowing this, Lee sought tasks to occupy his conscious mind as a means to allow his subconscious to thrive at peak levels.

Realizing the MacGyver character's unique potential to affect positive global change, Lee has also established The MacGyver Foundation, a nonprofit charity that supports individuals and organizations that best embody the core values of MacGyver: non-violent conflict resolution, resourcefulness and creativity with regard to issues such as safe water, food, waste management and climate change. The Foundation's latest venture is "The Next MacGyver," a crowdsourcing competition seeking ideas for a scripted TV show featuring a female engineer in a leading role. Five winners will each recieve $5,000 and the opportunity to pair up with top Hollywood producers to develop a pilot script. 

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