Katie Spotz
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  • "She used her raw courage to row the Atlantic, all alone, for 70 days, to make sure people who will never know her name have clean water to drink."
    -Diane Sawyer, ABC World News anchor

  • "Her eloquent and inspiring words helped me and the rest of the youth that participated in this high caliber seminar. I admire Katie for her altruistic work; she is an example to follow for the youth around the world!"
    -Youth Assembly at the United Nations

  • "She spoke with passion and straight from the heart. Everybody wondered how this young, petite and simple lady could do so many things that to most were humanly impossible. Katie was driven by her cause of providing clean drinking water to all and in her quest to take this cause and awareness to the world she was indeed successful."
    -Rotary International Dist. 3190

Katie Spotz


After 70 days alone at sea, Katie Spotz became the youngest person in the world to row an ocean solo. No stranger to overcoming challenges, Katie's list of accomplishments is long, including a half-ironman triathlon, an ultramarathon in Australia, cycling across the United States, a 325-mile river swim, running across deserts—and she's already planning her next adventure.

Her most remarkable feat, the 70-day row across the Atlantic Ocean, set a world record in 2010 for the youngest-ever solo ocean rower, and is just one of many records to her name. Throughout her row alone across the ocean, Katie wasn't just seeking to make history. She was also raising money for a cause she cares about—providing access to clean drinking water to everyone in the world. Along the way, Katie raised more than $150,000 for safe water projects in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Kenya.

In October 2014, Katie announced a new partnership with H2o for Life. Together, they are launching a nationwide educational and motivational speaking tour to engage 150,000 students from 150 schools across 15 major cities. The tour challenges students to help a partner school in the developing world gain access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene education. Katie's goal is to raise $1 million for school-based water projects, giving kids a chance to stay in school and get an education instead of fetching water all day.

Katie's story has been featured across international media, including World News with Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper 360, NPR, PBS News Hour, and the Discovery Channel, as well as in the New York Times and many other publications.

Surprisingly enough, Katie describes herself as having been the "benchwarmer" throughout her life. However, one day Katie made a discovery: you don't have to be extraordinary to achieve incredible things. And she set about achieving them, one by one. Katie continues to raise awareness about the plight of the billions around the world suffering from a lack of safe drinking water, while reminding audiences that extraordinary achievements are within everyone's grasp.

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