Jay Parkinson
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  • "Response time was great, and it’s amazing having answers to questions available so quickly (and at all)! Sherpaa, I don’t know how I lived without you."
    -General Assembly

  • "The best service. I needed to go to the ER and my wife was able to login in here to get immediate help and diagnose my problem and get a prescription. Sherpaa was a life saver."

Jay Parkinson

Jay Parkinson, MD, MPH is one of Fast Company 's 10 most creative people in health, and is billed "Doctor of the Future." He is co-founder and CEO of Sherpaa.

"Health care is super-uninspiring to me. No one does it right," says Jay, who is looking to turn the industry on its back with Sherpaa's mobile health service. Sherpaa has hundreds of paying clients, including Etsy, Tumblr, and Meetup. By reducing unnecessary visits to the doctor's office, Sherpaa's service is reducing the number of insurance claims generated by employees and the hope is that businesses will save money by slowing or cutting their future insurance costs. This model is what Jay believes is the future of primary care.

Jay completed residencies in pediatrics and preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University. He has given talks on the new frontiers that technology creates for medical care at over 50 conferences including TED, Google's Zeitgeist, the Clinton Global Initiative, The Aspen Institute, and Pop!Tech

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