Daniel Dae Kim

Perhaps best known for his work as Jin Soo Kwon on the hit TV series, LOST, Daniel Dae Kim has been known for creating multifaceted and stereotype-breaking roles. Currently, Daniel can be seen in the re-boot of the popular television series, Hawaii Five-0, currently in its fifth season on CBS.

In addition to his work onscreen, Daniel recently expanded his career to include producing. In January of 2014, he signed a first look development deal with CBS Television Studios, the first of its kind with an Asian American actor. With his new company, 3AD, he and his team are currently creating original content for both television and film.

Daniel's interests extend beyond just the entertainment industry, however. He recently served as Cultural Envoy and Member of the U.S. Presidential Delegation for the United States at the World Expo in Korea.

Recently, Kim has been working alongside Mike Kim, counter-human trafficking expert, as an activist for those affected by the worldwide trafficking epidemic. After giving up his financial planning business in 2003, Mike Kim took a one-way ticket to China where he would later lead many sex trafficking victims from North Korea into Southeast Asia while working undercover as a North Korean taekwondo student. Currently, Mike's book, Escaping North Korea, and life story are being developed into a feature film; Daniel is set to play Mike's role on screen.

Kim's film career began with roles in the films The Jackal, For Love of the Game, The Hulk, Spider-Man 2 and The Cave, as well as the Academy Award-winning Crash. On television, he has guest-starred on numerous shows, including CSI on the Network, ER and two seasons on 24 as CTU Agent Tom Baker.

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