Chad Jones
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  • "The two best athletes I've ever coached were [Chicago Cubs Pitcher] Jeff Samardzija when I was at Notre Dame and Chad Jones...The two of them both have that something extra-special, that 'it' factor, that they just loved to play, loved to compete, whatever the sport, whatever the situation. They just love to compete and win."
    -Paul Mainieri, LSU baseball coach

  • "One of the most improbable and inspiring comebacks you'll ever see."
    -CBS Sports

  • "Chad didn't quit; he kept working. Opportunity doesn't come very often. When you're told 'no,' keep working."
    -Warren Moon, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback

  • "It's amazing how far Jones has come from his accident in such a short amount of time. It's hard to fathom the severity of the injury because of the ease with which he does many of the football drills. It's truly a remarkable story."
    -Yahoo! Sports

  • "His story was heartbreaking, warm, inspirational and motivational all neatly wrapped up in humility...He made a great impression with our athletes as well as with our general population. I have received excellent commentary from students. We will all be watching his career and look forward to seeing him play in the near future."
    -Morehead State University

Chad Jones


Chad Jones has received much attention for his athleticism, but even more for his road to recovery from a tragic car accident that nearly cost him his life. Chad, who was recently drafted by the Cincinnati Reds, has lived to tell his inspirational story of courage and overcoming difficult obstacles.

Chad was a member of the legendary 2007 football and 2009 baseball national championship teams at LSU. In baseball, he was nicknamed "Dreadlocks of Doom" by his LSU teammates and fans because of his wicked fastball, peaking at 90 mph. He had been drafted by the Houston Astros in 2007, but chose to attend college instead, knowing how important it is to receive an education.

As a true freshman in 2007, Chad played all 14 games as cornerback. He finished with 34 tackles, two sacks, and an interception. He entered the 2010 NFL Draft as one of the most sought after players after his junior season and was selected by the New York Giants in the third round. Just weeks later, he also was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2010 MLB Draft, and he decided his career aspirations revolved around football.

His budding professional career then came to a screeching halt when a tragic car accident nearly destroyed his left leg. His brand new car's tire became stuck in streetcar tracks when he lost control and smashed into a telephone pole. Chad nearly had to amputate his left leg due to severe injuries, including a fractured tibia and fibula and muscle and nerve damage.

Chad's story is chronicled in a short documentary, Always A Fire, which unveils his road to recovery through intimate interviews along with never-before-seen rehab footage. The documentary graphically depicts his difficult recovery, as he learns to stand, walk, run and teach himself to become a football player again.


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