Brian Bordainick
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  • "We see resilience and hope exemplified by students at Carver High School who have helped to raise more than a million dollars to build a new community track and football field—their field of dreams for the 9th ward...Because of you, New Orleans is coming back."
    -President Barack Obama

  • "Brian Bordainick came to New Orleans to teach high school history. He is staying to help rebuild kids’ lives."

  • "Brian is one of the most engaging speakers we have had on campus. He encouraged questions from our students, and was all about sharing the knowledge he has gained on his road to raising funds for his community—the 9th Ward. When Brian left, we all realized we had made a new friend—we even shared emails to stay in touch. "
    -Middle Tennessee State University

  • "We appreciate you sharing your story with our 5,500+ educators. Our attendees were very intrigued and inspired by the amazing work you have done and continue to do. Just wow! Your inspirational remarks were very well received. It was truly a great presentation."
    -The National Association of Independent Schools

Brian Bordainick

At only 29 years old, Brian Bordainick is a bona fide serial entrepreneur. He is the Founder & CEO at Dinner Lab, a membership-based social dining experiment that unites undiscovered chefs with adventurous diners in unique spaces — from helipads to vacant movie theaters. Dinner Lab meals highlight up-and-coming chefs from around the country, and changing the location of every meal serves to experiment with the concept of using food to build communities.

By early 2014, only 18 months after its inception, Dinner Lab expanded from its membership hub in New Orleans to 9 other cities, including New York and Los Angeles, skyrocketing revenue from $100,000 to $1.8 million. Lauded by foodies and investors alike, Brian and Dinner Lab have been featured everywhere from the New Yorker to Forbes to Business Insider, the New York Times, Entrepreneur, and more.

The company has grown to a valuation north of $30 million has quickly expanded into 20 cities with 90 employees, and are in the process of launching restaurants that are entirely based off of user feedback and data. 

The idea of bringing feedback in an open forum to the restaurant industry has never been attempted. Until now. And the results are staggering.

In the summer of 2007, while working for Teach for America, Brian traveled to New Orleans expecting to join the faculty at a local high school. Plagued by the extreme violence in the city, yet bolstered by the support of the Carver community, Brian founded the 9th Ward Field of Dreams in order to support the construction of a state-of-the-art football field and track on Carver's campus in an effort to provide after-school activities and combat the alarmingly high crime rates. In only two years, the organization achieved the impossible and reached its goal of raising $1.85 million in funding for the facility and broke ground in the fall of 2012.

Brian has appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, ESPN, the Today Show, CBS News, and has spoken at TEDxGoldenGateED and various universities throughout the country. He was recently listed as one of the "30 Under 30: Education" list for Forbes.

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