Bobby Bailey
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  • "You guys deserve a Peace Prize for this..."
    -Oprah Winfrey

  • "With government and business rendered cautious by the uncertainties of the global era, the burden falls increasingly on ordinary people to write the next chapter of human history. Sharing stories of his own dramatic engagement with some of the world's most daunting challenges, Bobby Bailey reminds us of the remarkable capacity individuals have to make a difference on the world stage, and inspires us to stand up and take action."
    -University of California, Irvine

  • "In my opinion, there is a gap that exists on today?s college campus when it comes to having entrepreneurial and social-change driven conversations. I am thankful that Bobby Bailey is looking to close that gap, because every institution in this country has students on it who have the ability to change the world. We need more people, like Bobby, to come and inspire these students to act on what they are passionate about."
    -Florida Atlantic University

  • "Bobby Bailey's speech was incredibly motivating and encouraging. He immediately connected with the audience by allowing himself to be relatable to them. His emotions and personal experience were engaging and he was incredibly down to earth. I found people really connecting with him because he was willing to share his experiences and also listen to everyone else's. He is an outstanding speaker with a great sense of humor. It's such an honor to meet him..."
    -Iowa State University

Bobby Bailey


Bobby Bailey, along with two of his friends, founded Invisible Children in 2005 after a life-changing trip to Africa, where they discovered the story of the children in Northern Uganda who were being abducted from their homes and forced to fight as child soldiers by the rebel group the Lords Resistance Army. After returning home they made the documentary film Invisible Children: Rough Cut and began showing the film to thousands around the world through screenings at high schools, colleges and churches.

Since 2004, Invisible Children has reached more than 3 million people and has raised more than $25 million dollars for awareness, advocacy, and development programs. Currently, Invisible Children is leading a massive grassroots effort to ask for an internationally led strategy to Rescue Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers. In 2010, President Barack Obama signed a bill into law to remove Joseph Kony from power and save the lives of millions of Ugandan citizens—largely as a result of Invisible Children's efforts. And yes, Bobby stood in the Oval Office with the President as he signed the bill into law.

Invisible Children is a social, political and global movement using the transformative power of story to change lives. By inspiring youth culture to value creativity, idealism, and sacrifice, the movement fuels the most effective, adaptable and innovative programs in the world.

Since Invisible Children, Bobby has worked for the UN and co-founded the GLOBAL POVERTY PROJECT in the United States. GPP works with premiere artists creating high profile events to garner commitments for world leaders to combat extreme poverty in a massive way. Currently, he consults and builds stories for brands defining their greater purpose. 

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