Ben Stein
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  • "Your presentation was entertaining and well received by attendees. It was also gracious of you to spend time with our president, board directors, and guests before the luncheon."
    -California Credit Union League

  • "The event was a huge success and we have been getting RAVE reviews!!! Ben did an amazing job. He really tailored his presentation to our audience and received a standing ovation. He did a great job!"
    -Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

  • "The sales force loved you. You’re a pleasure to work with. When can you come back?"

  • "You gave the best speech I have heard at The University of Pennsylvania or anywhere else I have heard in many years. It was our best night at Penn ever."
    -University of Pennsylvania

Ben Stein

An authentic Renaissance man, Ben Stein has had what may be the most diverse career of anyone now on the national scene. He has been an award-winning actor, economist, writer, journalist, and teacher, and is a household name in America's boardrooms as well as America's dorms and frat houses.

After serving as lawyer and speech writer to Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Stein became a columnist for the Wall Street Journal and, in 1976, moved to Hollywood to become a novelist, TV sitcom writer, and movie scriptwriter. He has written and published 17 books, many of them reaching New York Times best-seller lists.

In 1986, with no professional training, Stein became an instant cult hero for his role as the boring economics teacher in Ferris Bueller's Day Off; his scene was voted "one of the 50 funniest scenes in American film history." In 1997 he began his long running hit quiz show on Comedy Central, Win Ben Stein's Money, co-hosted with Jimmy Kimmel. The show won six Emmys and Stein won one for Best Game Show Host.

Stein has also taught law and economics and securities law at Pepperdine Law School, American University and The University of Santa Cruz. Throughout his illustrious career, Stein has been a columnist and analyst of economic, legal and cultural behavior for the New York Times, Fortune, the Washington Post, Yahoo Finance and many more publications.

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