GUILD Media Studios offers consulting services that extend beyond event management, with a specific focus on aiding individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations with brand architecture, marketing, public relations, and long-term strategy. The end goal is to acheive maximum IMPACT, however defined.

Our creative teams, which are built on a project-by-project basis, focus on developing, and in some cases implementing, tailored campaigns and approaches to each project based on the guidance, input, and feedback of our client partners.

By eleminating the "one size fits all" approach to branding, we are able to approach each project from a unique public relations, internal brand architecture, and account services perspective.

GUILD Media Studios offers an a la carte menu of services, creative solutions, advertising campaigns, and corporate social responsibility and social impact programs in a variety of capacities—always working alongside each brand and approaching each project from all angles, seeking to create opportunity along the way.

Along with our access to high-level strategy via a network of world-class agents, business leaders, investors, strategists, designers and philanthropists, our exclusive talent roster allows us to attach specific individuals to special projects on a case-by-case basis.

From advisory boards to conferences, from internal meetings to national tours, from brand architecture to book releases, from tech startups to Fortune 50 companies, our approach to the long-term via practical and calculated early-stage decision-making is an essential aspect what creates success.

Who We Work With & What We Do

GUILD Media Studios oversees and develops projects and properties that are dedicated toward working to make a difference. Smart content, so to speak. We've placed a "get out the vote" tour for Comcast, matched a food policy expert as an exclusive consultant with a major food company's European offices, and overseen multiple spokesperson contracts for the largest cosmetics brands in the world. We launched a
New York Times bestseller by utilizing digital billoards, viral videos, and video competetions. We've placed three tours for one of the biggest automobile companies in the world, implementing a marketing campaign that garnered massive response by engaging college students through short-form content. We've aligned with international nonprofits, such as streetfootballworld, to fundraise and position for growth. We've walked numerous companies through easy-to-implement social programs and high-level strategies that affect the bottom line, reach a multitude of groups, and expand social footprints farther than ever before. And we're ready for more!

GUILD Media Studios works with a wide array of clients, large and small, to maximize their IMPACT by tailoring a custom approach to fit unique needs. Some areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Increasing social visibility
  • Matching organizations with brand partners
  • Matching brands with celebrity spokespeople
  • Experiential marketing services
  • Strategic brand consulting
  • Brand Architecture

Why We're Different

Here at GUILD, we pride ourselves on being different. We are young, creative, and curious.

We believe each and every project is unique and deserves an approach that's tailor-made and fit for specific needs. Each of our projects is fully customizable, and we are highly selective in terms of which of those projects take on. As a result, we can give our maximum effort and achieve the greatest IMPACT on every level.

Across the board, our team at GUILD is dedicated to our network of change-makers, and we're committed to sharing ideas and promoting organizations that create a positive impact in the world around us

For all inquiries, requests, and submissions, please contact

Featured Projects

Streetfootballworld, one of the largest and most impactful soccer nonprofit organizations in the world, continues their life-saving work in more than 60 countries around the globe. GUILD assisted in strategic development for streetfootballworld's expansion to the United States, creating a campaign in 2012 that continues to develop through 2013.

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